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We love listening to your vision of what you want your journey to be like, and we are always on hand to help make it your reality and express yourself through your coffee offering.

First things first…

Let’s build a working relationship, drop us a line HERE so we can get in touch and start to understand your needs. We are so genuine in wanting to help you start. Once we have been in touch we will arrange a meet and greet either at our roastery or onsite at your café. This will start the wheels in motion for a tasting and building a really solid relationship.

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Don’t just take our word for it

“I was chasing a specialty coffee roaster to help me and came across the Grand Central team. Loved their work and their knowledge of the specialty coffee market. They worked with me to achieve the outcome and direction I was wanting for my café and I am so thrilled I chose Grand Central as my roaster”
Max Baines

Choosing your blend

This is the exciting part; we can do so many things to make sure your café is a cut above the rest!! We work directly with farmers to guarantee ethically sourced coffee beans that are unique to Grand Central. Buying farmer direct gives us access to beans that no one else can access, giving us an edge over a swamped coffee market with a flavour profile your customers will come to for from miles away.

When choosing a blend we will discuss things that are important to you, what flavours you want at a price point that is competitive in the market.

Equipment & Servicing

We can supply almost any make or model top of the line equipment that people only dream of running in their cafes. Every step of the way we will help with process of choosing the correct equipment for your set up and budget. We have decades of experience in the café industry and a correct set up is something not to be overlooked. The right equipment will have your café running effectively and efficiently. This is not a scary process this is simply choosing your workhorse.

Servicing your equipment and maintaining top quality working condition is vital to your cafés everyday running. We can arrange a service schedule based on your kilo consumption that ensures your equipment including water system is always being maintained rather than repaired.

Training your team

We will provide complimentary onsite training sessions when you join the G.C family. This will ensure your staff feel confident using their equipment to its full potential and how to get the most out of your chosen blend. After initial training we can tailor a program to suit your staff’s requirements. A popular option is also to extensively train your head barista so they then take responsibility for the coffee area.

“Such a friendly and helpful team, not to mention amazing coffee. We got on board with Grand Central a little over 2 years ago and they have helped us with everything from equipment, servicing to providing us with coffee that people drive from suburbs away just to get their hands on. We will choose Grand Central every time”
Talia Simons

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